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hedge fund Benefits
The Benefits of Investing in a Hedge Fund
Diverse investment strategies unique to the product
Reduced volatility through portfolio diversification
Growth opportunities even in declining markets
An improved risk/reward ratio through hedging

Who we are

Total Capital is a hedge fund management company that was founded in November 2017 by Ronen Matmon. At that time, Total Opportunity was established. This multi-strategy hedge fund focuses on Israeli shares and bonds. In April 2021, the long-bias equity hedge fund Total Equity was created. At Total Capital, our hedge funds are managed under the top-down approach, applying research into both broad economic trends and specific markets and companies. Total’s professional and experienced investment team carries out fundamental analyses of the various companies in order to make investment decisions that take advantage of market opportunities and balance risk management.

Our specialty

What we do

Management of investments for the funds is led by a professional team with decades of accumulated experience, specializing in analysis, investing, and trading. We analyze global and local markets with discipline and focus, utilizing a variety of strategies with creative and client-tailored thinking to achieve excess returns in the long run. We bring together decades of capital market experience, a commitment to ongoing learning, research, and analysis, and leading forecasting and technology to identify new investment opportunities.


Our Funds


A hedge fund that focuses on investing in the local capital market, including shares in Israel and abroad, along with corporate bonds of all kinds in Israel. The fund implements various hedging strategies to improve the risk/reward ratio in diverse and shifting market situations. The fund focuses on specific investments to achieve an absolute return with an emphasis on controlling the level of risk.


A hedge fund with a strong emphasis on the local stock market, with the aim of achieving excess performance over the TA-125 index without increasing the level of risk. The fund utilizes various hedging strategies to improve the risk/reward ratio to deliver excess returns in the long run.


A hedge fund that invests primarily in bonds, combined with low equities exposure. The fund aims to outperform the general corporate bond index. Fund investments are based on analyses of the repayment capacity and bond yields of various companies. The fund implements multiple hedging strategies to improve the risk/reward ratio.

Our Team

Our team

Ronen Matmon

Ronen Matmon, the esteemed CEO of Total, brings a wealth of experiencein investment management, spanning over 21 years. Prior to establishing thefund, he served as the Chief Investment Officer at Excellence Investment Housefrom 2010 to 2016, where he successfully managed assets valued at approximatelyNIS 22 billion. Additionally, he held the position of CEO at Harel Mutual FundsLtd from 2004 to 2006. Throughout his tenure at the investment house, Ronenplayed a pivotal role in propelling Excellence into one of the top threeentities in the Israeli investment landscape. His academic accomplishmentsinclude a bachelor's degree and an MBA in economics, both earned fromBen-Gurion University. With his extensive expertise and impressive trackrecord, Ronen Matmon is well-equipped to lead Total to new heights.

Yaara Deitcher

Yaara Deitcher, General Counsel and Internal enforcement officer from Goldfarb Gross Zeligman & Co. Yaara represents private equity and venturecapital funds, strategic and individual investors, and companies at all stagesof development, in a wide range of international and domestic corporate andcommercial transactions. Yaara’s activities include mergers and acquisitions,negotiation and closing of international commercial transactions, investmentnegotiating and purchase agreements, joint ventures and ongoing consultation oncorporate matters. Yaara has extensive experience as an International businessdevelopment consultant from her previous position as head of Robus’International Department.

Arieh Lantsberg

Arie Lansberg has 16 years of experience in the capital market. He served as stock desk manager, stock manager, and Nostro manager at Clal Finance. He also served as an advisor to hedge funds and investment banking. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from IDC Herzliya, along with an EMBA from the IDC Herzliya in collaboration with Wharton University.

Chen Himelfarb

With nearly 28 years of experience in the capital market, Chen has demonstrated a successful track record. His expertise includes managing bond portfolios for established insurance companies and being instrumental in the establishment of Israel's government bond market making system as one of the founding members. He played a pivotal role in managing the investments of Mizrahi Funds during their transition to Excellence Management. Additionally, he served as a proficient manager of the bond desk, overseeing both local and foreign markets, at Harel Finance Brokerage. Prior to that, he held the position of a senior trader at Meitav D.S., further enhancing his extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Liat Itzhak

As a seasoned Operations Manager, Liat possesses a wealth of experience in the areas of operations and investment control. Previously, Liat served as the Collection and Revenue Manager at Zur Capital Management, where he demonstrated strong skills in managing collections and optimizing revenue streams. Her educational background includes a Master's degree with honors in Business Administration, specializing in finance, from the Open University. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor's degree with honors in Economics, also obtained from the Open University. These academic achievements further complement his practical expertise in the financial domain, making Liat well-equipped to excel in his role as an Operations Manager.

Shimon Hassin

Shimon Hassin has 20 years of experience in investment management. He served as Nostro investment manager and board member (2010-2004) at Avner Insurance Company. He also served as a bond investment manager in Bank Hapoalim’s Nostro portfolio (2017-2011) and managed assets worth tens of billions of NIS. He holds a master’s degree in business administration with a specialization in finance and financial engineering EMBAF from the Hebrew University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Our Partners
Legal Advice
Arnon Segev & Co
CPA Auditor
E&Y Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer
Administrator and Tax Trustee
Tzur Capital Management Ltd

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